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We provide a personal yet professional service to all of our clients, regardless of how large or small the project. Love Build have an exemplary Health & Safety record in the Construction Industry spanning over 20 years.

Vibration And Noise Solutions

Impact noise is difficult to control in buildings; in some buildings footsteps can be clearly audible. This is because impacts have low-frequency energy which can excite some structures so noise is easily transmitted around the building. This can be a major issue for several building types, particularly gymnasiums, especially for free weight areas and treadmills where the impact forces can be very high. If not treated correctly, thuds and similar noises can be clearly heard and cause a disturbance.

There are many products and solutions on the market, most based on rubber or foam layers. These layers are effective at reducing noise in the gym itself and preventing floor damage but are not effective at preventing impact noise passing into the structure. This is because these materials are too heavily damped and too slow to respond to the low frequency energy of most concern. The only solution is to isolate the floor by using metal springs. Springs react instantly as they are un-damped and very effective against the low frequencies of most concern.

We would always recommend a floating floor supported by springs for free weight zones. Decades of experience have shown that this is the only viable option for controlling impact noise. There are many ways to build such floors because every building and project is different but we will work with you to provide the optimum solution. With years of experience installing specialist floors, the Love Build design specialists offer clients a comprehensive turn-key solution to noise reduction in floors, walls and ceilings.